This year for Earth Day we wanted to announce some very important developments here at Explorasaurus Studios.  It’s no secret that we love animals. If you’ve been following our social media, you’ll have seen us posting pictures of trees, birds, and other things that aren’t guinea pigs for the past few months. Today, we’re excited to give you all a first peek at our brand new, in-development project, Wild LIVE. Like Guinea Pig Bridge, it’s
Free card designs! As another crazy year nears its end, we’re working hard on several writing projects, as well as our new big game project (look for an official announcement in early 2022!) We wanted to share a little freebie with you all for the holidays, so for anyone who hadn’t yet sent their Christmas cards, you’re welcome to use this year’s designs for some last minute printing! They were created by the multi-talented Erica Holcomb, and
This week, we finally hit a huge milestone in our development on our newly announced game WildLive)! We released our first playable demo to a small group of internal testers! Wooo! We wanted to get feedback much earlier in the project’s life cycle than we did for previous games, to help determine which design choices work, and which features may need to be scrapped or retooled. We’re also trying to involve a broader range of



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