Erica: We thought we’d take some time to go over the decision making and design process of renaming and re-branding our studio. When Cameron, Joe, and I started the studio, way back in our student days, we were so focused on making our first game that we didn’t give much— or any— thought to naming our team. (Thus, the “To Be Announced”). As we mentioned in last week’s post, we ended up sticking with TBA,
You may have noticed some changes on our website and social media (such as this blog).  Big changes.  “TBA Games” was always meant to be a placeholder while we came up with a better name, but once we started doing business as TBA, it just… stuck. But now, after six years of debating, we’ve finally decided on a (proper) name for our studio! We are henceforth “Explorasaurus Studios” (Explorasaurus for short).  So why the change?



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