This year for Earth Day we wanted to announce some very important developments here at Explorasaurus Studios. 

It’s no secret that we love animals. If you’ve been following our social media, you’ll have seen us posting pictures of trees, birds, and other things that aren’t guinea pigs for the past few months. Today, we’re excited to give you all a first peek at our brand new, in-development project, Wild LIVE. Like Guinea Pig Bridge, it’s a game about cute animals. But in this case, it’s about ALL THE ANIMALS!!! 😀

Born from our habit of watching too many nature documentaries during work hours, Wild LIVE puts you behind the camera to make your own! You and your small but plucky team of fellow filmmakers set off around the globe to track down some of the world’s most impressive creatures and tell their stories.

Which stories? That’s up to you to decide, both in the field and in the editing room. 

While still being cute and relaxing, we want the game to reflect some of the realities— and adventures— that actual wildlife camerapeople face. 

Along the way, new types of kit will help you get better footage, be it stunning overhead drone shots or elusive captures with hidden trail cams. With each successful filming expedition, your little production studio will gain experience needed to film rarer species and tell truly one of a kind stories– including your own!

For our small studio, this game is a massive undertaking. Going forward, we’re going to be looking at all our options to deliver the highest quality game in a reasonable time frame, but one thing is for sure – our core team is fully committed to the project. Our passion for games and love of wildlife makes our studio uniquely suited to tackle this project. It’s also something we haven’t seen done before in quite this way, so that in itself makes it a fun challenge. 

We hope you can join us on our journey by engaging with us on social media, offering your thoughts and feedback, and perhaps even collaborating with us on the game! 

In the meantime, we’ll try to take a break from development a little more often to update you all on our progress 🙂