Last year we were fortunate enough to get to attend the 77th World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon) in Dublin, which was a fantastic experience. We were thrilled to find out that we’d been accepted as panellists for 2020.  (Cam and Erica at the Dublin Convention Center, August 2019) In an alternate dimension, right now we would be packing our bags for New Zealand. Instead, we’re stuck in the timeline that’s got secret police and uncontrollable
Our mobile puzzle game Guinea Pig Bridge turns 2 years old today! Back on July 18, 2018 we launched with: 32 levels across 2 “worlds”: Woodlands and Zen Garden25 unlockable guinea pigs4 players/beta testers0 downloads on iOS0 downloads on Android We set the deadline of July 18th after crunching pretty hard throughout the previous two months, and submitted to the app stores over a week ahead of time, hoping the app would be accepted before
It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Guinea Pig Bridge, but last week Jason Stettner from Gamer Headquarters reached out to us with some questions, giving us the chance to revisit the project and reflect a bit on the development. You can read the full interview here. It was great to look back at some of the design decisions we made for the game, and nice to get some press on the game after



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