We’re Making our Games Free

As a small indie studio, we’re acutely aware of our own insignificance in the face of world events, though we try to help wherever and whenever we are able. We also realize that we’ve been beneficiaries of an industry dominated by white, middle-class, mostly male developers. Even a price point of a few dollars may be steep to some, especially right now, and there are much better places and better causes for those dollars than our silly little games. Over the past couple of weeks, we have been working with Google, Apple and Steam to make our games free and accessible to all. 

We’re happy to announce that, from now on, you can:

  1. Access all the content in our most recent game, Guinea Pig Bridge, that was previously limited to the paid Deluxe version. New worlds, clever puzzles, and adorable guinea pig costumes await you! Great for kids, but challenging enough for adults. Best of all, it has a catchy soundtrack from the brilliant Parry Gripp! For iOS and Android
  1. Download and play our very first game, the Mars colony-builder PeriAreion, for Mac & PC on Steam. Build a Mars base, struggle against the elements, and explore a hostile planet. All based on current research, with an extensive in-game encyclopedia and lots of SCIENCE! Great for ages 8-88, or anyone wanting to learn a little more about Mars. 
  1. Make procedural exoplanets in Pet Rock 2, on the Apple App Store. Calm, relaxing, and packed with planetary science! (Unfortunately, due to issues with Google Play, it’s temporarily not available there until we can get in contact with them… which has been taking a while. Our apologies for the inconvenience.)

We know it’s pretty trivial, but we hope it helps!