TBA Games is now Explorasaurus Studios!

You may have noticed some changes on our website and social media (such as this blog). 

Big changes. 

“TBA Games” was always meant to be a placeholder while we came up with a better name, but once we started doing business as TBA, it just… stuck. But now, after six years of debating, we’ve finally decided on a (proper) name for our studio! We are henceforth “Explorasaurus Studios” (Explorasaurus for short). 

So why the change?

In the last few years we’ve done lots of contracts and personal projects, many of them centered around hard science, strategy, and puzzles. While these have been a blast to make, we’ve always had a soft spot for stories and narrative-driven games. After developing our writing skills on the side, we would love the chance to incorporate what we’ve learned into our new projects. (This isn’t to say we’re going to drop the science… we still LOVE SCIENCE!!!! Like, a lot.)

Beyond just a name change, we have also recently relocated to Vancouver, WA and expanded the team to include our new art lead, Chad Sutton…  who thanks to Coronavirus is now trapped in here with us. Lucky him!

The same core team and mission are still here, though, but you can expect bigger, better, and prettier games from us in the future. We have a full development schedule for the rest of the year, including a new original IP. 

So stay tuned for regular updates in this space, on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.