The Climate Jam is over and we’ve taken a few days of much needed R&R. We’re now getting back to design work on some upcoming projects, but we wanted to follow up on our last post and take some time to talk about how the jam went.  We are really proud of 10.5 Cows, our cow suckin’, Pangolin jumpin’ action game. Our idea was to focus on a silly, fast paced, easy to pick up-and-go
Wednesday is Earth day, and the final day of the IndieCade Climate Jam (https://www.indiecade.com/climate-jam/). Here at Explorasaurus HQ, we’re working hard to finish our game before the deadline.  As team “WigeonWit”, we are participating in the jam along with our friend Tim Handley of Mindful Mammoth (https://mindfulmammoth.com/). The environment is a subject that is important to us as a studio, and as Indiecade alumni we were thrilled to hear about this opportunity. At the very
Erica: We thought we’d take some time to go over the decision making and design process of renaming and re-branding our studio. When Cameron, Joe, and I started the studio, way back in our student days, we were so focused on making our first game that we didn’t give much— or any— thought to naming our team. (Thus, the “To Be Announced”). As we mentioned in last week’s post, we ended up sticking with TBA,



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