As a small indie studio, we’re acutely aware of our own insignificance in the face of world events, though we try to help wherever and whenever we are able. We also realize that we’ve been beneficiaries of an industry dominated by white, middle-class, mostly male developers. Even a price point of a few dollars may be steep to some, especially right now, and there are much better places and better causes for those dollars than
We’ve been adding the finishing touches to the Alhambra project we’re working on with an art history class from Pomona College. In last week’s post, we showed some screenshots of the first student-furnished scene. Since then, we’ve heard back from the other student groups and have been busy working to incorporate their objects, research, and text into their respective areas in the palace.  For anyone interested in playing the finished project, we’re hosting it on
Another week of lockdown here at the studio… but at least it’s been good for our productivity! In addition to long-term contract work, tending our garden, and designing our new game (more about that soon), this week we’ve been wrapping up another ongoing project. Late last year, we signed on to help a class of students at Pomona College use Unity as a tool to visualize historical art and architecture in a digital 3D space.



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