PeriAreion Patch 5.0.0 Notes

Here’s whats new:

  • New 3D art! Modules, colonists, terrain: everything just looks better.
  • In-game popup video tutorials that are hopefully both quicker and more enlightening than the separate tutorial level/walls of text in the original game.
  • Usability. Complete overhaul of user interface.
  • Replaced the old “drag and drop” system of getting colonists to perform tasks inside modules. Now, nearly all activity happens outside in the game world rather than in confusing menus with lots of tabs. Just click on a module to see the tasks your colonist can perform within it.
  • Less micromanaging. Colonists will now perform certain tasks continuously until they run out of resources or are ordered to stop.
  • Refill air without leaving your EVA suit! Colonists can now pop by the lander to top up their air.
  • Dual Rovers. You can now unlock a second rover from the research tree.
  • Teamwork added accidentally! Due to a bug, Colonists can now work together to mine a resource node. This functionality was 100% unintentional but since we always wanted it that way so we left it in.
  • New navmesh and better pathfinding for colonists.
  • New portraits for all colonists. Tilde still looks like a man, though.
  • New colonist model and new animations, including a more dramatic death animation.
  • New voices for the Chinese, Australian, German and Jamaican colonists thanks to some amazing volunteers. Also, new credits thanking said volunteers.
  • Completely new HUD– now 94% less confusing than original HUD!
  • A new resource, “Parts”. A general term for components your colonists can manufacture using in-situ resources. Used to repair broken bits on modules and equipment. The Geology module now has the main task “Manufacture Parts” rather than the ability to repair other modules (which never made much sense). Repair is now an additional option in the module task menu for each respective module.
  • New improved models and textures for all modules. No more “handpainted by a small child on an ipad” aesthetic.
  • Terrain textures on all maps have all been repainted and normal mapped to make the terrain appear more realistic than before.
  • ICONOGRAPHY FOR EVERYTHING! Colonist abilities, resources, research tree, maps… you name it, we’ve made an icon for it!
  • New map screens, now accessible through a compass at the top of the screen.
  • Rebalanced research tree upgrades.
  • The rover no longer moves on its own or stalks people. We think.

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